Best iPhone 4 Cases – iLuv Translucent Case

December 20, 2013 Posted by addinmark

Whether intentional you aren’t, if you’re the person who is likely to play dropsy along with your iphone4 over you must, then a hard case is a wise site for you.

A tough shell case, just like the iLuv Translucent Case, is an effective option because doing so offers superior protection for your iPhone, especially from dropping or bumping your phone. Hard shell can provide you with more ease impact moderation when you are bumping or dropping the telephone. Hard cases provide unique protection with the back and sides of your respective phone, and you can generally make use of a screen protector to shield the touchscreen from scratches.

The iLuv model is, just like the name suggests, a translucent case that has a hard shell. When you’d like the world to know you’re the proud who owns the state iPhone 4, the semi-transparent material with this case keeps your Apple logo on the back of your phone visible through the case.

This case is made of acrylic and really offers the protection you require from daily use. Furthermore , it has an protective film that keeps your screen clean and safe from scratches or other damage. (more…)

Best iPhone 4 Cases for Summer

December 5, 2013 Posted by addinmark

A few of the stuff that are surely signs of summer would be the smell of freshly-cut grass, the many trees entirely bloom as well as, the sweet smell of flowers. The smell of all the so-called different kinds of flowers and plants fills the environment with a distinctly summer feel. It’s great to travel out for the walk or possibly a drive and discover each of the flowers completely bloom and search with amazement at all the many varieties and shades of color.

Summer and color simply go together. This is a time for it to take advantage of the appeal of all of that was barren in the long winter months.

When summer arrives, this indicates only natural to want to plant flowers and dress yourself in brightly-colored clothes. You will want to accessorize your lifestyle having an eye-popping vibrant and colorful apple iphone 4 case, too? It’s an easy method to put in a a little color for your look and be a part of the bright colorful days.

Check out these great iphone cases to incorporate some wonderful colors in your device:

iFrogz Luxe Lean Case

This thin polycarbonate hard shell case snaps right on to your iphone4, offering a secure fit and providing great impact protection. The metallic look and velvety feel in the case is available in a range of nine stunning colors including gray, green, red, teal, pink, black, white and two shades of blue. (more…)

Top 3 Apple iPod Accessories

November 30, 2013 Posted by addinmark

iPods would be the in things right now. Find them not only for utility also for their sleek handsomeness along with the instant recognition that your good iPod gets. Apple iPods are popular, not simply because of the nifty features additionally their own personal user interface, and that is highly usable, attractive and to take care of. Like with anything technical, the discovery from the gizmo is soon followed by accessories that boost beauty and power on the device. How then, is the iPod stay clear of this trend?

Apple came out with quite a few iPod accessories. But, for music enthusiasts with limited funds, given below is a compact set of the top 3 Apple iPod accessories.

Apple iPod case: This can sound mundane. But a branded iPod case cannot only add to the appeal of your iPod, this may also give your iPod complete defense against dust, fingerprints and dirt. Recognizing ipod user’s innate need for beauty and elegance, Apple came out with iPod cases that look smart and are also very portable. Featuring their trademark bitten apple logo, Apple iPod cases are produce of quality materials that are quite a long time. Fortunately they are created to provide you with maximum comfort with intuitive fasteners set up, to help you to easily attach and remove these cases when needed. (more…)